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About Organtree

In the UK alone, there are over 6,000 people awaiting organ donations of which 1,300 will die whilst on the waiting list.

Of the 500,000 total annual deaths, only 5,000 (1%) die in circumstances where their organs can still be of use.

However, just a small fraction of those will also be on the Organ Donor Register, typically 400-500 only. This has fueled the rise of illegal international organ trading markets where poorer people are exploited for their live organs - whilst vast amounts of money will be charged to wealthy recipients.

To date, there are only 2 sources for organs:

  • The Organ Donor Register, free and without remuneration, or
  • The illegal organ trade, criminal, hugely expensive and unethical

Organ Tree sets out to increase organ donations sharply by providing a legal framework - combined with the incentive of the donor's beneficiaries being compensated for their associated expenditures.

There will be no contact between the donor's representatives and the beneficiary as Organ Tree will not disclose any identifying details of either party to the other party and actively ensure that such details remain confidential.

Our global list of Organtree recipients and donors is growing daily!

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